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Golden Ball 2013 Suits

Everybody knows who has won the golden ball, but recently, there is a discussion about the players’ suit in the awards. I want to show the footballer pics and judge yourself. Cristiano Ronaldo (Golden Ball Winner) Lionel Messi (2nd) Franck … Continue reading

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Luxury cars: Bentley Continental GT VS Rolls Royce Phantom

Here, two of the most elegant and expensive cars in the world. Both of them have origin in UK, being currently Volkswagen the Bentley’s owner. In my opinion, RR is more classical, comfortable (almost seeing it, because I have never … Continue reading

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How to tie a tie?

I just have read my posts and I see that a suit’s blog doesn’t have any post about how to tie a tie. That’s impossible! O.K. Come on, I am going to show one of the most difficult tasks that … Continue reading

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Cannibalization Effect: Self-Competition

The dynamic markets are distinguished for the high level of competence in the companies. This is the reason because the big firms are continually bringing to market new products or different varieties of the same product. Those products are often … Continue reading

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Suiting up your behavior. Protocol in UK

This time I will not write about “exterior suits”. I am going to focus in the “interior suit”, your manners. It is important to know alike you don’t behave with your friends like with your boss, you should not behave … Continue reading

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Suit up your mobile phone

If you want your mobile phone looks smart, get the woodcase with Ferrari Design. One case for one suit. Good morning to all and enjoy!

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When do you must suit up?

I would like to talk about the best occasions for suit up. People think that suits are only for weddings and funerals, but TV tell us when do you have to suit up. 1. Spying You can’t realize important top … Continue reading

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Hello folks! This is my English Blog where, in principle, I am going to write about my experiences in Lincoln, sports, business and awesome moments. I hope you feel in home when read the posts and I will begin with … Continue reading

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