Golden Ball 2013 Suits

Everybody knows who has won the golden ball, but recently, there is a discussion about the players’ suit in the awards.

I want to show the footballer pics and judge yourself.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Golden Ball Winner)

captura-de-pantalla-2013-01-08-a-las-15-16-30Lionel Messi (2nd)

0010573419Franck Ribery (3rd)

CapturaThere isn’t better pics of the Ribery’s suit yet, but if somebody has help me, i will thank him.

I would like to thank María ( the photos. I attach them:

la foto 1 la foto 2 la foto 3 la foto 4


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2 Responses to Golden Ball 2013 Suits

  1. María Carmen says:

    Hi! I really like your post Alejandro, it is obvious how bow ties are a nowadays a real fashion! Most of them are wearing the same type of suit but in different colours, I have some more pictures from others footballers and one more from Ribery’s suit. I hope it helps you. 😉

    I can’t post my pics here, do you know how can I do it? Thank you!

    • Thank you for your comment. I hope you like the blog. I am glad of your interest in the suits :).

      You can send me the pics by email. You can find it in the ‘about’ section.

      Best wishes!

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