Luxury cars: Bentley Continental GT VS Rolls Royce Phantom

Here, two of the most elegant and expensive cars in the world. Both of them have origin in UK, being currently Volkswagen the Bentley’s owner.

In my opinion, RR is more classical, comfortable (almost seeing it, because I have never been sited in RR or Bentley) and elegant. But, Bentley is younger, faster and sportive.

Now, with the cars’ features you can think about what is your favourite luxury car.

Car Bentley Continental GT Rolls Royce Phantom
Trim Coupe
Class Full-size luxury coupe Full-size luxury coupe
Seating and doors 4-2 4-2
Engine 6L Flex Fuel W12 6.8L Gas V12
Drive type AWD 4×4 RWD
Base Transmission 6-speed Auto (with manual) 6-speed Auto
Cost to own    
Price £116,000 £250,000
Yearly fuel (estimate) £2,000 £2,200
Engine & Driving Performance    
Power 567HP 453HP
Torque 516FT-LBS 531FT-LBS
0-60MPH(100km/h) 4,4 seconds 5,6 seconds
Top Speed 198 MPH (330km/h) 155 MPH (260km/h)
Power/weight 9.02 LBS per HP 12.74 LBS per HP
Interior Dimensions 12.6 cubic feet 13.9 cubic feet
Exterior Dimensions    
Length 189 inches (4.8m) 220.9 inches (5.61m)
Width 87.7 inches (2.22m) 78.2 inches (1.98m)
Height 55.3 inch (1.4m) 62.9 inches (1,59m)

But if the features don’t say anything for you and you want to see the coolest, see the next photos:

10-bentley-continental-flyi 3852251670_c69c8cf953 2010 Bentley Continental Flying Spur Speed & 2010 Rolls-Royce Ghost


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