Suiting up your behavior. Protocol in UK

This time I will not write about “exterior suits”. I am going to focus in the “interior suit”, your manners. It is important to know alike you don’t behave with your friends like with your boss, you should not behave the same way in Spain (or another country) and United Kingdom.

vintage_sucio_reino_unido_corbata-r020a865b6f7941c6bb24f304ae782484_v9whb_8byvr_512If there is a quintessential country where the Protocol is capitalized, it is United Kingdom. Its proverbial correction, the friendliness of the police (the famous “bobbys”), its “fair play” in sports… all these make it a polite country.

English people are normally shy, they often are “themselves”. Almost never raise their voice or show their displeasure or anger. Maintain composure and keep their good manners, even in the most adverse situations.

In England, you should be discrete and you must avoid raise your voice. Also, you have not to be excessively friendly with your interlocutor. Confidence is getting slowly.

Very Important: You can only wear striped tie in few occasions. Usually people who belong to a college or club use to wear striped tie.

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The introductions always must be made by residents. The sequence is the same as in Spain and another countries (gentleman to lady, young people to old people…).

We will shake the hand to the person you meet. If someone asks you “How are you?” or “How do you do” (in an introduction) you should not answer “I am fine, thanks” or “It’s OK”. You would response with the same question you just have been asked.


Most commons are Mr, Mrs and Miss. Also used: Duke, Marquis, Earl, Viscount, Baron, Baronet and Knight. Duke is named Duke, and his wife is the Duchess. Marquis, Earl, Viscount and Baron are Lords. For finishing, Baronet (hereditary) and Knight (during his lifelong) are sirs and their wives are ladies.


You should not put your hands on the table, only the right one. The left hand has to be on the lap.

You must bring the spoon to your mouth sideway.


You can only talk about you when you are being asked.

Do not criticize The Royal Family.

Don’t forget to use the expressions “Yes, please” and “No, thanks” for everything.

And… ultimately, don’t forget the punctuality, the famous British Punctuality.

I hope this post helps you. Thank you for the reading.


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