When do you must suit up?

I would like to talk about the best occasions for suit up. People think that suits are only for weddings and funerals, but TV tell us when do you have to suit up.

1. Spying


You can’t realize important top secret missions in jeans and shirt. It isn’t serious. Where you hide the gun, mobile phone, the car remote control, grenades, parach… Nice, everyone knows what 007 bring in his suit.

2. Receiving an award

19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Show

You have win a prize, you are awesome. Your clothing must be awesome. Also you can be a young millionaire and wear which you want.

imagesBut you don’t have my respects, Zuckerberg.




3. Manage the Mafia



You could try managing one criminal association wearing sport, but “La famiglia” may stop trusting in you. The leader doesn’t dirty his hands, that’s for hitmans.

4. Singing



I think I have not to say why Frank Sinatra was so elegant. Suit up, wherever you are, Frank.

5. Sleeping



You only imagine your beautiful neighbor knocking at the door in the night, and she (or he) watch you wearing a shabby (and comfortable) bathrobe. What is she going to think about you? It’s better you don’t take risks and suit up at night too.


About Alejandro Aguilera

Business and Management student, critical thinking. I can not stay without my partner and friends. Easy lifestyle and friendly. The posimposible goals are my goals.
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